Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Specialist On Roof Installing PanelsThere are many good reasons to have solar panels installed on your house, such as savings on your energy bills and making a positive impact on the environment. But to enjoy the greatest possible benefits that these panels provide, it’s important to keep them running smoothly with regular upkeep. Luckily, solar panel maintenance does not require too much time, cost, or effort. Vision Solar has outlined some helpful maintenance standards to follow so your panels can run at peak efficiency and deliver you the best value on your investment.

Self-Cleaning Ease

The key factor you need to be worried about concerning solar panel maintenance is the collection of debris, snow, and other substances on the surface of the panel. However, because of the angle at which most solar panels are installed, most things will slide right off without you needing to do any work. During the installation of your panels, make sure to check with one of our technicians about what angle they are using so you can get an idea of how easy it will be for debris to slide off.

Regular Cleanings

Even if your solar panels are installed at an angle where it’s difficult for snow or leaves to accumulate on its surface, it is still recommended that you give the panels a good cleaning every once in a while. Depending on the climate and environment in which you live, you will only have to clean the surface of the panels between two and four times a year. The panels are made from materials that are similar to those used to make windows, so you can wash them in the same manner. Simply run a hose over the surface to clear away anything that’s sticking on the panel. If there is a build-up of snow, pour lukewarm water over it to help melt it away. Be sure not to use water that is too hot, because the temperature shock can crack the panels. If you are noticing your panels are not producing as much energy as usual, we recommend you have them professionally cleaned to help restore their efficiency.

Making Repairs

Regular cleanings are important for everyday maintenance, but sometimes extreme weather events or other unforeseen circumstances can cause damage. In this event, you should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Typically, manufacturers offer warranties of 10 to 20 years for the panels and five to 10 years on the other system components. This will cover a solid portion of the panels’ lifespan, which is anywhere from 30 to 40 years. With Vision Solar’s power purchase agreement, there is no cost for maintenance or repairs of your solar system, providing you with major savings in the event that a part is broken.

Increase Your Value

To help make sure your solar panels reach their standard lifespan, it only takes a small amount of effort. The panels will do a lot of the cleaning themselves, and our zero-cost power purchase agreement provides coverage for maintenance and damage. Increase the value of your home while also helping out the environment and cutting your energy bills by having solar panels installed by Vision Solar. Request a free quote online or contact us today to learn more information about how you can benefit.