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What Exactly is Photovoltaic Energy?

You’ve likely come across the term solar PV or photovoltaic energy in your quest for solar, but what exactly is it? The photovoltaic effect is…
Benefits of Solar

4 Ways to Determine if Your House is a Good Candidate for Solar

1. Monthly Energy Bill Costs Your average monthly energy bill will help determine whether or not your house is a good candidate for solar. A…
Tips for Solar

What Maintenance is Involved with Your Solar System?

Solar power is one of the best energy solutions for your home since the invention of electricity. The continuous light the sun provides is an…
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How Solar Energy Actually Powers Your Home

You probably understand the basics, but how does solar actually work and power your home? The Basics Solar rays are essentially a form of power,…
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Earth Day 2019: Solar Power and Renewable Energy
Benefits of Solar
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4 Tax & Financial Incentives to Help You Bring Solar To Your Home