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4 Tips for Cleaning Your Solar Panels

By July 1, 2020 No Comments

Solar panels are essentially maintenance free. However, we definitely recommend cleaning your panels periodically. By making sure that your panels are relatively free from debris, this allows you to know that you are saving the most amount of money that you possibly can.

  1. What to Use When Cleaning

In order to begin the process of cleaning, it is important to know what materials you should use. Chemicals can be harmful. Our best suggestion for cleaning products would be two simple products: a garden hose and a bucket filled with soapy water. This is the most gentle kind of cleaning solution that will not harm the panels in any way. To clean your panels, you should be using a non-abrasive brush. If you do not feel comfortable using the soap on your panels you are more than welcome to use just water. Water is very effective for your panels.

  1. How to Clean

Knowing how to clean is a vital part of taking care of your solar panels. If you are cleaning your residential solar panels regularly, then there are a few things to take into account. First, prevent scrubbing, and simply stick to wiping your panels with this soft brush. You do not want to scratch your panels. You should be washing your panels in the same way that you would wash your dishes. Please keep in mind your garden hose should be used on a light pressure “shower setting” rather than “jet setting”.  The hard pressure from the hose could damage your panels, which is all the more reason to be as gentle as you can.

  1. How Often to Clean 

Your solar panels are not a high maintenance purchase. They very rarely, if at all, need to be cleaned. However, there are benefits to taking the time to make sure that your panels are clean. Because of this, we suggest cleaning your panels whenever you notice debris, or when you have the extra time to do so. Whether there is a film of pollen or too many bird droppings, you are free to make this choice on your own. However, even though you get to choose how often to clean your panels, we still have a small suggestion. Cleaning them on cloudy days or when the sun is not beaming down on them are the best times. When the sun is beaming down, this will dry the water too fast. This will leave streaks, which could affect the efficiency of your panels. The frequency of cleaning your panels is a choice that is fully yours because of the luxury that your panels essentially do not need to be cleaned.

  1. Knowing Why You Should Clean 

The benefits of cleaning your panels all loop into your savings. The more efficient your panels work, and the more energy they are able to collect from the sun, the more energy that is created for your home. If your panels collect debris, they could perform up to 5% less effective. Your solar power should be optimized as much as possible. Their performance helps to save you money in the end, which is our ultimate goal as your solar panel company in Arizona.


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