Solar Power and COVID

6 Easy Ways to Save on Energy While You Are Still Quarantining

By June 22, 2020 No Comments

As New Jersey continues to move forward through the new phases of quarantining, it is important to evaluate your personal steps to move forward. While we all continue to do our part, it is no surprise our energy usage has continued to rise during this time. Because of this, we have included a few easy “life hacks” and items that will decrease your energy usage during this elongated, quarantine process.

  1. Programmable Thermostats

Smart appliances continue to make their amazing debuts. One of the newest forms of smart technology is the programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats give you the ability to not only have a consistent schedule of temperatures, but they also give you more comfort in your own home. During your most productive hours, you can program your thermostat to your desired temperature. Then during your less productive hours you can choose a temperature that feels best for you. This smart technology is a great start in your becoming more energy efficient journey.

  1. Cold Water is Your Friend

While cold showers may not be of the best interest to you, a cold dishwasher and a cold washer are two areas where cold water is beneficial to your pocket. The usage of cold water instead of hot water on these two appliance has the ability to save more than $60 dollars per year. The application of only hot water when disinfection is needed creates a huge difference in your energy usage.

  1. The Fuller The Better

Whether you are filling the emptying the dishwasher or unloading the dryer, these two chores seem endless at times. To help with this and to help with your energy usage, try to do fuller loads. By practicing this habit, you can decrease the single amounts of loads that you are having to do per week, while also saving on energy and even water. Another perk of fuller loads is that your appliances are built to run more efficiently with fuller loads. This allows your appliance to run to their best ability with less work from you.

  1. Let Items Air Dry

Although warm shirts straight from the dryer feel nice, there is no nice feeling in the amount of energy you are using. Both dishes and clothes are two easy items that can be allowed to air dry with no harm. Certain types of plastics should be allowed to air dry to prevent damage in the dishwasher, while certain types of graphic shirts to be allowed to air dry to prevent heat damage from the dryer. By allowing your items to air dry more often, you are actually elongating their lifespans too.

  1. Let the Sun Shine In

Your household lighting has been a huge part of your energy increase during quarantine. From being home, our productivity from 10am and 3pm has increased dramatically. The use of our lighting is one of the main sources of this increase. Open those curtains and allow the sun to save you some money during this time. By avoiding the use of lights during times of day where the sun can shine through, lights become a necessary tool only at night, decreasing your usage hundreds of hours a month.

  1. When You Invest In Solar

The ultimate energy saver for all of these categories is your investment in solar power. New Jersey continues to increase their electricity rates by 2.6% every year. Residential solar panel installation in New Jersey is the next best investment for you in order to save you from that increasing amount. By applying all of these tips and tricks, along with your great investment in solar power, you can save double the amount of energy they are using on a monthly basis. With your solar panels, you can take advantage of your time at home and run your larger appliances when your panels are intaking the most sunlight. This creates a more efficient energy schedule for your home.


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