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Buying and Selling Your Home With a Leased Solar System

By June 25, 2020 No Comments

Arizona is one of the top 10 states that gained the most residents within the past year. As summer approaches, house hunting is becoming extremely popular. I mean, we can fully understand why buying and selling homes is much more appealing in the summer. Warmer and longer days allow more time for you to search and more time for you to travel if needed. With this, summer hose hunting is ideal for families with children. Summer gives parents the opportunity to start their kids in a new district right at the beginning of the school year. So, if you are a buyer or a seller this season, there are many important things to remember when buying and selling with solar panels. We have provided this short guide for you to know all of the benefits that come with both buying and selling a home with leased solar panels.


Buying A Home With Leased Solar System

More than one million homes in the United States have made the switch to solar. Leased solar panels are a common choice for homeowners because they allow for all of the benefits of solar panels without having to pay a large sum out-front. When buying a home with leased solar panels it is very important to ask questions. Ask a lot of questions. You first want to know who manufactured and installed the solar panels. This allows you to have a direct contact with the company that is leasing the panels for your new home. In addition to this, it is definitely recommended to ask to see the agreement for the panels (Lease Agreement). Within this agreement, you can see the amount being paid per month/monthly payment agreement and what the size of the system is. Having the system inspected may also be a good idea to check for any damage. Once you have a better idea of all of this information, this can help you navigate your new system. One of the best benefits of buying a home with solar power is that you can reap all of the benefits without the hassle of needing to have the panels installed. Here at Vision Solar, we are always available for your questions, especially when buying a new home. We believe you deserve to have a stress-free purchase.


Selling A Home With a Leased Solar System

 Selling with leased is very similar to buying with solar. Being a homeowner, it is important to remember the value of your panels. The best first step you can take in this process is to notify your solar company in Arizona that you are trying to sell your home. From here, they can help you with the next steps of the selling process. The value of your solar panels in Arizona can increase the value of your home. With this, the lease agreement that you have made with your solar panel company can easily be transferred to the new owners of your home with the help of your solar company. It is recommended to be ready to provide the lease agreement to the buyers prior to purchase. This allows your buyers to be able to see all of the benefits that come with the solar panels and to understand their next steps.


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