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The California Solar Mandate

By July 8, 2020 No Comments

Renewable energy is a topic that many states are trying to address more and more. In California, renewable energy starting to become a huge part of our future. More specifically, California is planning for a very successful future using the sun for power. In the year 2020, California created an entire plan for the future of solar with the addition of a new code that needs to be followed by all new construction builders.

 What Is It?

The California Solar Mandate is a new building code that requires new construction homes to have a solar photovoltaic system as their electricity source. The code went into effect on January 1, 2020.

 Who and Where Does the Mandate Apply?

The California Solar Mandate applies to all new construction homes. This includes both single family homes and also multi-family homes that are up to three stories high. This mandate is required to be large enough to power these homes completely. What this means is that the builders need to plan ahead to address the amount of energy usage that may be used with their floor plan. Their designs are to be shared with the solar panel company in order to properly prepare and build the building to utilize the solar power to their full extent.

Savings That Come With Solar

The solar panels that are being used for future construction are a great way for future home buyers to have a huge amount of savings with their new home. New home owners have the chance to save upwards of 20% on their monthly electric bill. With this, the value of your home is now higher with your solar panels. Your new home has been constructed perfectly to utilize solar panels. The roof has been angled and constructed to have the panels absorb as much energy as they possibly can from the sun on a daily basis. This solar panel system that your home now has also gives you the ability to take advantage of the savings that can come with an electric vehicle. As electricity prices continue to rise, new homeowners will continue to increase their savings. This mandate is a great addition to our future towards all clean energy.


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