Solar energy is synonymous with state-of-the-art panels that you may have installed on your home. But did you know that this renewable form of energy is also compatible with charging electric cars? These vehicles have risen in popularity over the years thanks to their environmental and economic benefits, and with advances in technology, they are now able to be powered by the sun. Here, Vision Solar takes a closer look at how solar cars are taking advantage of the sun’s powerful rays.

Understanding the Technology

Before solar power can be collected to charge an electric car, calculations must be made. First, drivers must determine how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) it takes for the solar car to drive 100 miles (or the miles-per-gallon equivalent). Using this rating and the average number of miles they drive a day, drivers can then figure out their daily and yearly energy consumption.

For example, if your electric vehicle is rated to drive 40 kWh per 100 miles and driven 25 miles per day on average, its daily consumption is 10 kWh of electricity. Over the course of a year, this is 3,650 kWh. So, if the solar panel system on your home generates an excess of 3,650 kWh or more, then you’ll be all set to charge your solar car. Otherwise, you may have to add more panels to your home.

What to Consider at Installation

There are some aspects of your solar panel system that need to be configured in a certain way so you can power both your home’s appliances and solar car at the same time. For one, you need to ensure your system is add-on friendly, and this can be done by arranging the panels so there’s enough space for more.

In addition, your installation crew should use a string inverter that can handle more output than your current system. This will prevent you from having to set up a new system when you install more panels.

Benefits of Solar Charging

There are several ways in which charging an electric car at home with solar panels can benefit you. First, it helps you save on fuel costs. While the initial price of an electric car and solar panels may worry you, it is an investment that will pay off in the future as you stop paying for electricity from the grid. Plus, you’ll no longer have to fill up at gas stations.

As technology continues to develop in the solar panel and vehicle sectors, the barriers to entry will continue to fall so you can save even more. Having a charging station at home is also convenient. Charging an electric car can take hours to get its battery back to full strength, so being able to plug in your car at night using energy you would otherwise send to the grid saves you time.

Utilize Your Solar Power

Once you have made the effort to install your solar panel system, you’ll enjoy utilizing it as much as possible. If you have an electric car, you can also take advantage of charging it with solar power you collect. At Vision Solar, our talented team uses their expertise to complete the installation process in 30 days so you can start reaping the benefits quickly. To have a system installed on your home, contact us today.

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