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How Your Solar Panels Work During All Kinds of Weather

By June 25, 2020 No Comments

Solar Panels can be very confusing to understand at times. They depend on the sun for power. Because of this, many people often wonder how and/or if they work on days that are not so sunny. Solar panels do in fact work on days that are not as sunny. The panels work in all kinds of ways during different kinds of weather.


Sunny Days:

During sunny days, your solar panels are working at their max capacity.  It only takes about 8.5 minutes for the sun’s photons, particles that carry energy, to travel 93 million miles to Earth. When those photons reach our solar panels, the energy is converted into usable electricity that powers more homes every year. Sunny days are the most ideal days. This is the time that your panels are creating as much energy as they possibly can and then storing the excess energy that is not used. The solar panel installation process is also a huge part of their productivity. We have positioned and installed your panels perfectly to collect the most amount of sunlight they can. Understanding how your panels work on their best days is vital when trying to understanding how they work on the other days.


Cloudy and Rainy Days:

A common misconception about solar panels is that they do not work when the sun is not shining. However, the best way for us to counter this myth is by comparing it to a cloudy day at the beach. You have waited for this beach day for months. You are let down with the sight of all clouds in the sky. However, you still go to enjoy the sights and sounds that come with that beach trip. When you get home that night, you are sun burnt. As crazy as it seems, even when you cannot see the sun it is still in the sky. Now, we bring this idea back to your panels. When the clouds are out, this does not necessarily mean that the sun is not. The sun is still providing power for your panels even on cloudy  and rainy days because it is still in the sky even when you cannot see it. So, because of this, your panels are working the same way that they would on a sunny day.


When the Sun Goes Down:

Once again, you may be thinking that your panels are not working at all at night because there is no sun. Well, we are here to tell you that your panels are actually working extra hard at night. When the sun disappears for the day, your panels then kick into overdrive. All of the stored energy from earlier in the day is then reused. Your panels are bringing the excess energy back and using this energy to power your home. Not only this, but the excess energy that is not used during this time is then being sent back to the grid in order to form you a credit for your bill that month.


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