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Our Road Map to Clean Energy

By July 7, 2020 No Comments

A state with all clean energy is on its way New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy has created a plan to have 100 percent clean energy by the year 2050. His plan is known as the Energy Master Plan. The Energy Maser Plan was initiated in May of 2018. Murphy hopes to reduce greenhouse emissions by 80 percent. Because a cleaner energy program is not a plan that can happen overnight, he has created a seven step strategy game plan to make this all possible. We have provided these seven strategies in order to help you understand what is to come in the near future and the benefits that come along with it.

Strategy 1: Reducing Energy Consumption and Emissions from the Transportation Sector

The first step in this strategy is the encouragement to switch to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are a great way to not only reduce your greenhouse emissions, but they are also a great way to save on your monthly gas bill. The addition of an electric car to your everyday life decreases the amount of maintenance bills you have on your vehicle and continues to save you money in many ways.

Strategy 2: Accelerating Deployment of Renewable Energy and Distributed Energy Resources

Strategy two is where we come in. Cleaner energy sources, such as solar, allows for your to efficiently manage your monthly bill. Your monthly electric bill can decrease by up to 20%, all while helping the environment. By offering incentives and tax exemptions, this is also a great way for you to earn some extra money for the amount of energy that you are able to collect with your solar system.

Strategy 3: Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Conservation, and Reducing Peak Demand

By maximizing energy efficiency and conservation, we will be decreasing the current percentages that exist. For example, currently 94% of our energy comes from nuclear energy. Although a clean energy source, Murphy is looking for even cleaner sources of energy, such as solar in order to save even more money for the entire state.

Strategy 4Reducing Energy Consumption and Emissions from the Building Sector

Focusing on cleaner energy for newer buildings is a great plan for our future. New Jersey is a continuously expanding and remodeling area. Because of this, the plan for cleaner energy for all new buildings allows us to continue to move forward without ever having to back track later.

Strategy 5: Decarbonizing and Modernizing New Jersey’s Energy System

New Jersey’s energy system hopes to be modernized in order to create a better “grid” system and also to improve on our communication as a whole. This decreases our reliance on natural gases.

Strategy 6: Supporting Community Energy Planning and Action in Underserved Communities

Smaller energy plans based on communities allows for us to start small and continue to expand. When communities begin to individually see how much money they can save with cleaner energy, this then leads to more communities to follow.

Strategy 7: Expand the Clean Energy Innovation Economy

Expanding out clean energy innovation technology in return creates thousands of jobs. New Jersey hopes to continue to expand these jobs in order to help our economy, all while saving us money.


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