Solar panels are a popular method of powering people’s homes because they harness energy from an enormous source: the sun. But what happens when the sun sets and there are no rays for your solar panels to collect anymore? Luckily, that scenario has already been well thought out by manufacturers to make sure that you will still have power to light your home once it gets dark outside. Learn about the ways in which your solar panels can operate at night with help from Vision Solar.

Are Solar Panels Producing Energy At Night?

Before we cover how solar panels deliver energy to your house at night, we need to explain the basics of how solar panels work. Solar systems use photovoltaic cells to absorb sunlight and convert it into DC power. The DC power is then converted into AC power through the panel’s inverter and sent into your house. Without the presence of sunlight for the panels to absorb, it means that panels cannot convert anything into AC power and deliver it to your home. But that does not mean you will be left in the dark. A couple of ingenious methods have been devised to keep the lights on whenever you need them.

Solar Battery Storage

The first way in which you can use the electricity collected during the day at nighttime is through battery storage. Depending on where you live, solar systems are rated to convert between six and eight hours of sunlight a day. In all likelihood, your home will not be using that much energy every single day. To make sure that the excess energy does not go to waste, most solar panels are equipped with batteries that fill up with unused electricity that can be saved for later use. This means you will have a back-up supply of energy waiting for you to use at night. It helps to always be prepared with a source of energy, and solar batteries provide an excellent storage option.

Net Metering

Another way that you can take advantage of the extra energy you produce and even save some money is through net metering. This process connects your solar panels to the local energy grid. Any excess energy that you don’t use is sent to the grid for communal use. In return, you will receive credits on your electric bill every month. By connecting to the grid, you can also take energy from other producers when your solar panels aren’t producing as much.

Many consumers will use net metering in tandem with storage batteries to get the most value out of their solar system. They will fill up their own batteries with excess energy first then send whatever is left over to the grid. On the flip side, they’ll set their system up so they draw any power they need at night from their batteries then only go to the grid when their own supply is depleted. Net metering is not available everywhere yet, so make sure to check with your utility company while you have your solar panels installed.

Keep the Lights On

With the innovative technological solutions that have been developed in the solar system industry, you won’t have to worry about having energy to use at night. If you would like to learn more about how solar panels operate, visit Vision Solar’s resources page to read up on various topics related to solar systems. Once you have done your research and are ready to take advantage of all the benefits that solar panels have to offer, feel free to reach out to us online or request a free quote for our services.

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