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The History of Your Solar Panels

By July 3, 2020 No Comments

The sun has always been and always will be our major source for life on Earth. However, discovering how to harness the sun’s power is an art that is being perfected on a daily basis. It may seem like solar power is a fairly new invention. However, the idea of solar power and using the sun as a renewable resource is an idea that started a lot further back than you think. In honor of Independence Day tomorrow, we think this is the perfect opportunity to educate our customers on some of our nation’s history on solar power. By learning the history of our solar panels, we are able to analyze the advances that have been made through time, along with the positive impacts that come along with this amazing technology.

Where They Came From:

One of the first developments in solar power began in 1839. A French physicist, known as Alexandre Edmond Becquerellar, was able to demonstrate the first photovoltaic effect. The demonstration of the photovoltaic effect showed that sunlight could indeed be used as electricity. Even with this small step there were still many large developments that would be made before the start of the 1900s. By 1883, an American inventor known as Charles Fritts used the idea of solar power to create the first rooftop solar array. This system was nothing compared to our modern day rooftop solar system. However, this small amount of electricity that he was able to create once again led to large developments for the future. In 1954, Bell Labs created the first modern-day photovoltaic cell. At the time, this invention was too costly for commercial use. However, the U.S. military funded the continuation of research up until 1950. In 1958, NASA launched the first satellite equipped with solar panels. The continuation of research is what led to our modern day technological advancements.

Modern Day Solar Power:

Modern day solar power is much more advanced than what it ever has been. There are three different types of solar panels that are offered for solar power. Vision Solar offers monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and thin film solar panels. Each of these panels offer a specific benefit for your home. Monocrystalline solar panels are among the oldest technologies. What this means is that these solar panels are among the most advanced because they have been continuously perfected over the past few years. However, the more advanced each set of panels becomes, the more options that we have to offer to you and your home. We take into consideration every single detail to choose a panel that is perfect for your home and for your needs. With solar technology advancing, there are many states pushing for more clean energy. For example, New Jersey has created a plan for 100% clean energy by the year 2050. Alexandre Edmond Becquerellar may not have known how far his hard work and research would go, but at Vision Solar all we have to say is thank you. Together we are saving the world and saving our customers money every step of the way towards our goals.


Having people you can trust with your home is of utter importance to us. We know the history of solar in order to make sure that we are continuing to advance this technology for a better future. To get started with your installation process visit our Contact Page.