Solar power is one of the best energy solutions for your home since the invention of electricity. The continuous light the sun provides is an unmatched resource. Solar helps the environment while being extremely cost effective. So how do you maintain your solar system to get the most out of it?

Vision Solar’s panels are very durable and there is actually little maintenance involved. That itself is one of the best parts of going solar. On average, a solar system will last 25-30 years with almost no extra work on your part. Also, if something does go wrong, our warranty will cover most of the parts and maintenance.

For the most part, you’ll barely even have to clean your system. If you live in an area with a high amount of pollution, smog, or debris you will have to clean them every few years. Because of the materials the panels are made of, it’s similar to cleaning the windows on your house. Depending on the angle your panels are set at, they will self-clean (make sure to discuss this with one of our experts). Snow accumulation will melt off and your panels being covered in snow will have little to no effect on your solar energy.

Vision Solar does recommend having your panels cleaned professionally once a year but only if you see a decrease in the energy your panels are producing.

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