Making the switch to powering your home with solar panels is a big decision that should only be made after completing your research. Part of this process is figuring out the best time of year to install your solar panels and begin reaping the benefits of this renewable form of energy. Here, Vision Solar breaks down what to keep in mind when deciding on the best solar season for installation.

Consider Seasonal Advantages

There are certain advantages to having your solar panels installed during certain seasons. Some homeowners lean towards the spring and summer when the days are longer and the sun feels stronger. This gives solar panels more time to collect sunlight and build up a reserve if you have batteries for storage. You are also more likely to spend more on energy during these months as you run your air conditioner to keep your house cool, so having solar panels installed then can help to mitigate the costs.

At the same time, the fall and winter months provide unique benefits that may not be as obvious. For one, installation schedules will be more open during these months, since many choose to have their panels installed during the warmer months. This gives you more flexibility when getting your installation date on the calendar.

Having your solar panels up and running in the fall and winter also allows you to start banking excess energy so you can earn credits. If your community offers energy buyback programs or net-metering, you can save up credits and prepare for the summer when you might consume more energy.

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

There are certain tax incentives set by the government that can also play a large role in determining when you want to have your solar panels installed. Currently, there is a federal investment tax credit set at 26%, meaning you can receive up to 26% of the total cost of your solar panel system from the government. To take advantage of this deal, your system has to be fully installed and commissioned before the end of the year that you intend to file a claim.

Since solar panel systems can take some time to be fully installed, it’s extremely important that you start planning early in the year, especially because this rate decreases each year. In 2021, the investment tax credit will drop to 22%. Avoid leaving money on the table by locking up an installation date for your house as soon as possible.

Take Action Now

When considering a large change like having solar panels put on your house, it can be easy to find reasons to put it off. In most cases, you can maximize the solar panel benefits of increasing your home value, lowering your energy bills, and earning tax rebates by having them installed as soon as possible. At Vision Solar, our team performs installations within 30 days, freeing you up to pick almost any time of year while still being eligible for tax incentives. For more information, contact us today.

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