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Where Does Your Energy Come From, New Jersey?

By July 6, 2020 No Comments

Each state has a different percentage of energy that is generated from a variety of power sources. Educating ourselves helps us to understand how much energy is being generated from each power source and also what each power source does for our state. With this information we can then determine which power source is the most beneficial and which one we support the most. 

Natural Gas:

Explaining natural gas first begins with the identification of natural gas. A few simple facts include that natural gas is odorless and also colorless. Because of this, natural gas is known as one of the earth’s cleanest fossil fuels. Natural gas makes up more than two-thirds of New Jersey’s energy sources. In 2015 natural gas exceeded nuclear power for New Jersey. In 2020, natural gas powers more than half of the electricity that is generated within the state.


Only 2% of New Jersey’s energy is generated from coal. Coal in New Jersey is among the lowest percentage of energy sources. There are no coal production or coal reserve sites in new Jersey. Within the past four years, there were only four operating coal-fired power plants. However, in 2017 two shut down, and then in 2019, one more shut down. This only leaves on coal-fired power plant in the state. Many of the past coal-fired power plants have been converted into natural gas power plants.

Nuclear Power:

Nuclear Power is still one of the top energy sources for New Jersey. Falling slightly behind natural energy, the two of them combined made-up about 94% of New Jersey’s energy source in 2018. It was only until 2015 that nuclear power was surpassed by natural gas in the leading energy source. New Jersey still has 3 active nuclear power plants : Hope Creek Generating Station, Salem Nuclear Power Plant,  and Exelon Nuclear’s Oyster Creek Generating Station. Because of their zero emission energy production, New Jersey has done everything they can to keep these three open until they are able to find a sufficient replacement in renewable energy.


Petroleum is one of the major energy sources for New Jersey. Linden, New Jersey is the northern terminus for the Colonial Pipeline. The Colonial Pipeline is the nation’s largest petroleum product pipeline systems. With this, the Colonial Pipeline distributes petroleum products from the Gulf Coast through New York and the other surrounding New England territories. About 1 in 10 households depend on petroleum to power their homes, more specifically for heat.

Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy sources make up about 5% of New Jersey’s total electricity generation. Only a small percentage of this 5% is generated by wind. The two largest wind power facilities are located more towards the coast of the state. However, the leading renewable energy source for New Jersey is solar power. The state continues to expand on their solar power every year. With the expansion of renewable energy, the state has also put into place a renewable energy source plan. The plan includes the goal to reach 100% of the state’s energy to be ran on all renewable energy sources by the year 2050. This goals is planned to be accomplished through small changes first. For example, there are state approved community programs allowing for multiple households to combine and connect to one solar source. Not only this, but the state is constantly pushing for more incentives and ways for households to earn the money they invest into solar back. This creates a more appealing factor for the public, which in return is saving the environment and energy source.

Switching to Solar Power:

Solar panels use amazing technology to generate usable electricity without harming the environment. They leave no trace of greenhouse gasses and do not contribute to water or air pollution, yet lower your electric bills and increase property values. With solar power, your energy use is utilized and never wasted. All excess energy is either sold back to the grid or stored for you to use. The energy that is sold back to the grid and that you do not use will be used for a credit. You will receive this credit at the end of the month. Your panels will be paying for themselves the more that you save your energy with solar panel, all while saving the earth and your money.


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