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Where Pennsylvania’s Energy Comes From

By July 13, 2020 No Comments

Pennsylvania is one of the second largest net suppliers of energy to other states. This may be surprising information to many of our residents. What this means is that much of the energy that we are producing is being produced for other areas from our own. However, in order to decide which form of energy best fits your preferences, and your home, we know it is important t understand where all of your energy is coming from. Each form of energy provides different positives and negatives. From here, we can build a sufficient understanding of the amounts of energy we are producing in our state in order to choose which one fits our busy lives.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas tripled in the year 2011 to 2017. This expansion has been created through the expansion of the Marcellus Shale, which extends under three fifths of Pennsylvania. The Marcellus produces the second largest amount of natural gas in the country. Only half of the natural gas that is produced in Pennsylvania is used in Pennsylvania. More than half of Pennsylvania residents use natural gas to power their home.


Pennsylvania is the third largest coal producing state. The number of coal mines and the amount of coal production continues to decrease as renewable energy becomes more important. Because of the decrease is coal production, almost half of the coal that is consumed by residents has come from outside states.


Pennsylvania has four refineries within the state. Nearly one in seven households rely on this crude oil for heating within their home. The emissions from this crude oil are a huge problem for the environment. Because of this, Pennsylvania is trying to reduce the amount of production of crude oil as much as they can with new advancements in energy usage.

Renewable Energy:

5% of the energy that was produced in 2018 came from renewable energy. Wind energy is currently the state’s largest renewable energy source. However, as solar energy becomes more popular, the amount of solar cells that are being installed per year continues to grow. Residential solar power is a great way to expand the use of renewable energy. With this, Pennsylvania is continuing to push for all new construction to have solar power installed. The savings that come with solar power are enough to save you 20% percent on your monthly electricity bill. The advances in technology allow you to save money and also to help the environment. Renewable energy is the future of Pennsylvania and the world. Solar panels are your next best investment when deciding which energy source fits your needs.


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