Solar Panel Manufacturers and Design

Solar Panels Being Installed On RoofAt Vision Solar, we proudly provide full renewable energy services to homeowners throughout Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Not only are our services comprehensive, but we also boast fast installation times, allowing our clients to reap the benefits of solar energy as quickly as possible. Yet our main priority is quality, which is why we partner with leading solar panel manufacturers like SunPower to transition our clients to this renewable energy source.

SunPower Product Line

When the term “solar power” is mentioned, people usually only think of solar panels. However, solar systems are made up of more than just paneling. To enable us to develop systems for our clients, SunPower offers a full line of solar products, including the following:

  • Solar panels
  • Complete systems
  • Solar cells
  • Flexible panels
  • Solar battery storage

No matter what your solar needs are, the Vision Solar team can help you meet them thanks to SunPower’s cutting-edge product line.

Sleek Panel Design

SunPower’s solar panels are designed with your home in mind. For this reason, many of its models use all-black solar cells and anti-reflective glass to reduce sun glare and promote an overall seamless blend into your roof.

What’s more, many of its panels are thin and sleek, producing a premium aesthetic that compliments a variety of architectural styles. Certain series also boast larger designs, meaning that you can install fewer solar panels while gaining an even larger energy output.

State-of-the-Art Technology

As a leader in the renewable energy industry, SunPower has been producing high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels for years. They are record-breakers when it comes to the energy output of their noiseless panels, with many of their models delivering more than 400 watts of energy per piece.

Every panel that SunPower produces is designed, engineered, and manufactured by their team right here in the United States. On average, their panels provide a 55% greater energy output than the competition, resulting in even greater savings for homeowners who choose to install them.

Industry-Leading Warranty

If you need any further convincing, SunPower also offers a complete confidence warranty for 25 years from the date of an initial system purchase. This means that our customers can enjoy the following free benefits for more than two decades when they work with Vision Solar:

  • Complete system repair or replacement
  • Defective part removal
  • New part installation
  • Shipping and handling
  • 90% peak system AC power guarantee
  • No more than 8% DC power decline guarantee

Go Solar Today

Ready to reap the benefits of solar energy? Vision Solar team can help you tap into this abundant energy source sooner than you thought possible. By working with us, you’ll experience unrivaled customer service and a complete system installation within 24 hours of receiving the necessary permits. You’ll also receive high-quality equipment from solar panel manufacturers like SunPower, so you can be confident that your system will last for years to come. To get started, request a free quote or contact us today.