Planning To Monitor Solar Panel Use With App .After having a solar panel system installed, it’s helpful to know how much energy it is producing, as well as the state of its physical condition. At Vision Solar, we have partnered with solar panel monitoring companies so you can get the most out of your system at all times. By downloading any of our approved apps, you can keep track of important metrics wherever you are and ensure your panels are operating to their fullest capacity.

Tracking Your Usage

With apps downloaded to your phone or tablet, you can receive real-time information about your solar panels and energy production quickly and easily. Once you have an app, it allows you to enter your system specs, such as the number of solar panels and their wattage rating. In conjunction with the following details, apps can analyze your system and provide insights so you can get the most out of your investment:

Solar Production

This metric shows you how much of your home’s energy consumption comes from the solar energy your panels have produced. The app takes into account your solar panel system’s current and historical production to ensure accurate data. By knowing how much of the energy you produce is being used at any time, you can adjust your habits to match your consumption during peak hours.

Consumption from the Grid

If you do end up sending excess energy to the grid, a solar panel monitoring app can use your utility sell-back rate to calculate how much money the system is earning you. There are also graphs that show how much energy you have pulled from the grid, if any, to power your home. These graphs are user-friendly and also display historic data so you can make note of trends over time.

Information in Your Pocket

The convenience of solar panel monitoring apps is also a major advantage. Besides tracking your solar production, some can also detect every electric device in your house and determine the amount of energy it is consuming at any given time. They may also tell you when electronics and appliances are turned on or off.

These apps can also report on the physical condition of your solar panels as well. You will immediately be able to tell if a panel has been damaged or if the system is unable to produce as much energy because of a heavy snowfall. This will allow you to respond quickly and get back to your normal levels of solar energy production.

Comprehensive Solar Panel Service

At Vision Solar, we strive to give our clients every advantage when installing their solar panel system, including convenient solar panel monitoring. That is why we’ve formed exclusive partnerships with certain companies related to the solar energy industry that will deliver these insights to you. By having this valuable information at your fingertips, you can maximize the benefits of your solar power system. To learn more, please contact us today.