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Vision Solar is a full-service renewable energy company. We are one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in the United States. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Vision Solar manufactures and installs solar services for residential homes in Arizona, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and for fully integrated buildings nationally.

Our Process

Vision Solar maintains the entire process from design through architecture, engineering, permitting, installation, activation and monitoring

What Separates Us?

After getting the necessary permits, Vision Solar’s installation process is only 24 hours.

Meet Our Team

Vision Solar is the only renewable energy that also cares about your in-home wellness as well as saving the environment. We’ve partnered with multiple businesses to make sure that you’re living your most healthy life while making a greener planet for future generations.

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Save Money

Your solar installation will cost you $0 down. You only pay for the electricity they generate, and for far less than the current market rate!

Increased Home Value

According to research sponsored by the Department of Energy, buyers are willing to pay upwards of $15,000 more for a home with the average-sized solar photovoltaic system, compared to a similar home without one.*


Because solar panels do not rely on the combustion of non-renewable fossil fuels, they produce power without releasing any of the chemicals or greenhouse gases responsible for polluting the environment.

* Home value will increase only if solar panel is purchased (not leased).

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